Part Two “Phoenix Enraged” ARCs up now!

Have you been wanting a look at Slater’s chest ink? Well, there you go. How does he get it to glow like that?

Anyway. Here’s the blurb for “Phoenix Enraged” (releasing Oct 6th):

People in Havensea call me the Phoenix. I hate that name. I go by Slater. But for Brass, the illegitimate Prez of the ElevenDead MC, I’ll be the Grim Reaper. Brass took Whisper. Brass is dead. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Oh yeah, I have plans for Brass, that curly-headed son of a… Nobody lays hands on Whisper and lives. Especially not Brass.

Getting her back, getting her home in my arms, is all I can think about. And I’m doing something about it, right now. I’m going to take out Brass and any of the MC that stands between me and my baby girl.

My other enemies will have to wait. Whisper comes first. I own her.

And she owns me.

Note: This is a dark romance thriller for mature readers. Contains strong language and sexual situations, moments of violence, and potential triggers. “Phoenix Enraged” is Book Two of a series, and ends in a cliffhanger.

You enjoy writing reviews and want a free ARC copy of “Phoenix Enraged”? Then get yourself over to the link below. Copies are limited, so jet on over if you want one.

Go here for ARCs of “Phoenix Enraged”

I look forward to your reviews.

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