Excerpt from “Raven Unfurled”, “Nympho” series Part Three

I’m heading into the home stretch on “Raven Unfurled”, Part Three in the “Nympho” series, and am expecting a mid-November release date for the book. I thought I’d drop an excerpt for those of you who’ve been asking, “Dude, whither Part Three? I mean, seriously.” Patience, Grasshoppers, it’s coming.

Here’s your excerpt:

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Excerpt from “Phoenix Enraged”, “Nympho” Series Part Two

I’m giving “Phoenix Enraged” its final polish, and thought I’d share an excerpt from the story with you. This is especially aimed at those of you who have been asking me when Part Two is coming out (early/mid Oct., looks like). Hope this helps your jonesing. 🙂


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Update on “Nympho” Part Two – “Phoenix Enraged”

First of all, wow. I want to thank all of you who downloaded and reviewed Part One, “Nympho Fallen”, on Amazon and Goodreads. I’m seeing a lot of 4- and 5-star reviews – I’m so glad you’re enjoying this start to my newest series.

Many of the reviews have stated some variation of “Hurry up with the second book, ya lazy bum!” 😂 Okay, people have been far more polite than that, but I’m motivated. Matter of fact, I’ve just finished the draft of Part Two and am beginning edits. I hope to have a cover reveal sometime in the next week or two, and will release the book hopefully in early October if all goes well.

So there you have it. It’s coming. Whisper is tapping her foot, and Slater… Well, I don’t want to piss off Slater. Thanks for your patience.

“Nympho Fallen” ARCs ready!

Want an ARC of a hot new dark romance? Sure you do! Get yourself over to here and download your copy!

The book is going live on Amazon on 9/6/22, and ARCs may not be available after that date, so head over to the site(s), check out the blurb and reviews, and get your copy!