“Nympho Fallen”, the first book in the “Nympho” series, will release on Amazon on Sep. 6, 2022, and is available for preorder now:

“Havensea. My city. Sounds like a nice place to live, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not.

My name is Whisper Gray. I have no home. No home, because my boyfriend, Marco, kicked me out. Why did he kick me out?

“You’re nothing but a f***ing nympho. A filthy, disgusting nympho.”

Which is his word for “whore”. Laughable, since he’s the one who made me what I am.

But now I’m out on the streets. Back on the streets, where I was so many years ago, before Marco pulled me from the gutter, cleaned me up, and turned me out. At some point he took a liking to me, claimed me as his, put his mark on me.

I still have the mark, but I don’t have Marco. He’s rich. I’m not. All I have is the streets. The streets of Havensea.

God help me.

And then Liam Slater appears…”

Note: This is a dark romance tale for mature readers. Contains strong language and sexual situations, moments of violence, and potential triggers. “Nympho Fallen” is Book One of a series, and ends in a cliffhanger.