I’m an author of gritty, pull-no-punches dark romance. Currently at work on the “Nympho” series, the first book – “Nympho Fallen” (available for preorder) – to be released Sep. 6, 2022:

“Havensea is a rough city, and Whisper Gray has done her best to survive it. She came up hard. The streets were her bed. Violence her lullaby. Marco Dinarés plucked her from the gutter, claimed her as his own… Until the day he seemed to tire of her. The nympho.

Kicked out of Marco’s luxury penthouse, now she’s back on the streets. All she has is her knife, and her defiance. She runs afoul of three vatos looking to hurt and kill her. She fights, but three against one cold, lonely girl aren’t good odds.

Then Liam Slater appears. The Phoenix. And Whisper’s world changes in a way she could not have imagined.

Enter the violent, gritty, sensual world of Havensea. The “Nympho” series is the first of the stories that will take place there.”

Content warning: Mature audiences only. Contains strong language, vivid sexual situations, and violence.

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